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OCB Premium Regular Double

Select the quality of OCB rolling papers. This high quality roll paper is one of the best products in the range. Each pack of OCB contains 100 sheets in standard short form 69 mm x 35 mm.

The OCB brand has been winning customers since 1918 with its high-quality roll papers. The paper is thin but strong, made from natural gum arabic gum and is safe even for eating. The rolling paper is the same as the Premium OCB thin sheets.

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3 letters referring to the 3 founding periods in a long history, a family history that started in Brittany and went global:

"O" for Odet - A site in Ergué-Gabéric, Finistère, on the banks of the river of the same name that runs through Quimper, where, in 1822, the first paper mill was established (it is very useful to have water nearby when making paper).

"C" for Cascadec - in Scaër, where another paper mill was located. It was rented in 1893 and bought 24 years later, in 1917.

"B" for Bollore - six generations of the Bolloré family, who have had a great influence on the history of paper making, and particularly cigarette papers (and OCB).


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