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Auto Critical Orange Punch®

Auto Critical Orange Punch is just like the parent of the photo session, a very tasty cannabis variety! Its genetic background provides an aroma and flavor profile that is dominated by citrus. Most phenotypes smell very fruity and sweet. Citrus, oranges and sweet tangerines are the most recognizable aromas and flavors of this THC-rich flower. Some plants may also have earthy tones and pine flavors , but they are usually less dominant. During inhalation you will taste mostly citrus, orange and lemon. In addition, many people experience a more earthy hashish taste, which makes the overall smoking experience quite unique.


THC 18%

Auto Critical Orange Punch is an automatic flower with a stable XXL yield. Even for the beginner grower it is possible to achieve very high yields with this automatic. It requires no special cultivation techniques or feeding programs. Under the right conditions, it can develop into a strong autoflower with a nice thick main bloom and many heavy side blooms. It is known for its full blooms that can grow as thick as the hand, with few leaves. Very easy to cut and the thick resin layer ensures excellent shearing.
Auto Critical Orange Punch is a variety of autoflowering seeds, the first Dutch Passion auto to use Critical genetics. The genetic basis was Grandaddy Purple (Purps) x Orange Bud. This was called Orange Punch and gave great potency and flavor. But the performance was below average until it was crossed with an elite XXL Auto Critical Bilbo. Auto Critical Orange Punch is one of our strongest strains with abundant yields and white buds fully covered with a thick layer of resin and beautiful orange flower hairs.
Auto Critical Orange Punch is the autoflower seed version of the Critical Orange Punch photoperiod. This stable cannabis plant has roughly the same genetic content of Indica and Sativa and can be considered a 50/50 variety. In this autoflower version, the ruderalis genes (autoflower genetics) have been naturally crossed to make this flower stem autoflower. This results in slightly more phenotype differences between different plants than in the photoperiod version.

This strain can grow quite rapidly in the first 5-7 weeks of its life cycle. It develops strong branches that can bear long flowers. Blooms of 30-50 cm are no exception. It has been classified as an XXL autoflowering strain for all the right reasons! Its leaf structure is also hybrid, it can grow very large fan leaves that convert a lot of light into energy. By the end of the flowering phase, the thicker branches with heavier flowers will need some support. By the 9th - 10th week, the buds will become so heavy that the branches may collapse under the weight.

Its knee spacing is short to medium, which creates dense buds that look really pretty. The blooms become true "colas" (buds as thick as coca cans and in the best cases as thick as coca bottles) and have a favorable flower to leaf ratio. Its plant structure is medium to large. It usually remains slightly larger than the average automatic feeder, even in slightly less optimized conditions.

In the hands of a good experienced grower (and in the right conditions) this automatic flower can grow very tall. Only a few plants per m2 are required for a good harvest. In addition to the high yield, the buds are very resinous and sticky towards the end of the flowering phase. Some phenotypes may take a little longer to fully mature at the end, these are usually the highest yielding plants.

Gender Feminised
Genes 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Genetics Grandaddy Purps x Orange Bud x XXL Auto Critical Bilbo
Harvest 700 g/m²
Flowering 70 - 80 days
room type Indoor
room type Outdoor
room type Greenhouse
Internal performance


Flowering time

70-80 days from seed

Type of Flowering


Indica - Sativa



Height External



External performance

up to 100g


, ,


THC 18%


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