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With the ban of HHC on 17 January 2024 in Greece, a large audience for scientists and laboratories working with hemp in Europe has been lost. This was preceded by the ban in France in June '23 and sales in the industry had already dropped dramatically, so they had to work hard for the future of alternative cannabinoids.

The labs are racing against time to synthesize a euphoric cannabinoid, without being euphoric when they want it to be a little euphoric! We have seen it happen before in the case of C4B which is not a cannabinoid but an acronym for cannabis for (4) boost which contains mixtures of cannabinoids.

So H3CBN is not a cannabinoid. The same of course applies to TP-Hy4CBN. In fact, it is not even clear whether their name, "H3CBN" or "TP-Hy4CBN", refers to their true chemical formula. Many sources report that they are a combination of THCP and THCPO, but clearly we don't know anything for sure. That is, H3CBN and TP-Hy4CBN are not naturally present in the cannabis plant, and the cannabinoids they contain are among the most potent cannabinoid alternatives, so we believe that H3CBN or TP-Hy4CBN will definitely not be the cannabinoids that will replace HHC.

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