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Recently in the Greek market we learned the HHC cannabinoids and the various products that have been placed on the shelves of cannabis shops with the above cannabinoid.

Because of the world's interest in these new cannabinoids derived from industrial hemp, we are constantly seeing developments in the field.

HHCP is a hydrogenated version of THCP. So instead of taking CBD and combining it with hydrogen, they take THCP and hydrogenate it. The result here is HHC-P, a more potent version of HHC.

THCP, however, is a relatively new cannabinoid. It was recently discovered in 2019 along with CBDP, two phytocannabinoids that have 7 carbons in their side chain at the molecular level. Both of these phytocannabinoids were found by Italian scientists analyzing a medicinal cannabis strain known as FM2. The scientists were extremely curious about how the potency of THCp was compared to Delta 9 THC, so they decided to do a study in mice. The results of the study showed that THCp was 33 times more active compared to Delta 9 THC against CB1 receptors. HHCp is similar to HHC in the way that THCp is similar to THC.

Based on the research that has been done, the potency of HHCp is considered stronger than Delta 9 THC and THCp. It has also been said by consumers that HHCp is 1 to 2 times stronger than THC. This cannabinoid may affect you differently than others, as everyone's endocannabinoid systems work differently, so we encourage you if you try it to take the dosage responsibly.

HHCp is considered to be more psychoactive than other cannabinoids, it is not recommended to drive or operate any type of heavy equipment under the influence. Effects may include intoxication, increased anxiety, increased appetite and drowsiness.

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